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Our Story

Did you know that every time you make a reservation with an Online Travel Agent, like Booking.com/Expedia/Despegar/Trivago, etc:

  1. The ho(s)tel pays them 15%-30% of the reservation value as commission?
  2. That if the hotel wants to appear higher on search results they need to pay a higher commission?
  3. That paying more commissions means the hotel's expenses are higher which means you pay higher prices?
  4. That hotels are not allowed to give you lower prices, yes it's in their contract, than the ones they publish on booking sites?

Most of the guests do not know this but we as hoteliers live this on a daily basis. Booking sites control our reservation flow, our contact with our guests, our Terms and Conditions.


Go-Travel is a booking site, created by hoteliers, that allows us to fulfill our dream, our destination, which is giving you the best possible service and make your stay as remarkable as humanly possible.

When you reserve directly with the hotel on our site you:

  1. Get the best prices. Guaranteed. We are a global guest rewards club, not limited to any specific chain or brand
  2. Get a genuinely personal service as your preferences are sent to the hotel with your reservation so they can fit their service to your needs and wants
  3. More secure and contactless check-in process as your details and travel document, if you uploaded, are sent to the hotel in advance
  4. You can increase your discount levels by behaving better, reserving more and recommending your friends and family

One simple action, reserving direct, with so many benefits to all. Be part of the change and the new reality we are creating.

If you have any further questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us