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Privacy Policy



In compliance with Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 on Data Protection of Colombia and its regulatory standards, the information and reservations platform GO-TRAVEL CLUB, domiciled in Bogotá DC, Colombia, in which are stored and shared reports related to Negative and/or extremely positive behaviors presented during your stay in accommodation and tourist establishments, following the categories indicated for such purposes provided that it is true and real information, is responsible for the processing of personal data.


For this reason, this Privacy Notice is intended to obtain the express and informed authorization of the owner of the personal data for the treatment and transfer of these to third parties under the following conditions:


  1. The information platform developed by GO-TRAVEL CLUB and updated by registered users in accordance with the policy for the processing of information, is in charge of the processing of your personal data, without prejudice that the entity responsible for such processing is the lodging establishment, user of the platform.

  2. The personal data collected will be treated for the following purposes:


a. Develop a database that registers in an accurate way negative and/or positive behaviors that occur in the different lodging establishments linked to the GO-TRAVEL CLUB network during the stay of its guests. The information collected will be that which is necessary to identify the responsible ones as well as the event that happened, for example, information related to the person's identification document, date, city where it happened, among others.

b. Elaborate a statistical relationship for sectoral analysis and formulation of campaigns and proposals for continuous improvement.


c. Establish incidents statistics, areas and regions most affected, and people who have suffered these incidents.


d. Ensure strict risk management of companies and establishments linked to the network, derived from the service provided.


e. Provide information to the police and judicial authorities if required.


f. Serve as a source of information for the acceptance or rejection of a reservation, or other measures that the establishment deems necessary, in order to prevent or avoid new incidents, or establish specific security measures.


3. Information owners are informed that they can consult the GO-TRAVEL CLUB Personal Data Treatment Policy, which contains the consultation and claim procedures that will allow you to enforce your rights to access, query, rectify, update and delete the data on the following website: https://go-travel.club or contact@go-travel.club.


The substantial changes that are made to the policy of data processing can be consulted at the following link: https://go-travel.club/privacy-policy



Email: contact@go-travel.club

Whatsapp: +57 3126330244