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We are finally ready with our new platform and a beta version will probably be released VERY soon. We want to take this opportunity to talk a little about our industry, WYG, you, money, plans....this is long, but very important, so go make a coffee, sit back relax and read

how OTA ruin your profits

9 OTA diversions which ruin your profits

After years of working on the OTAs, today I can update the many tricks they use which directly affect the profits of your hotel.

These tricks are much more than simple “gimmicks”. They are, in fact, actual diversions to the detriment of your income and to the benefit of themselves.

The OTAs have virtually unlimited budgets and overwhelm you with their power. Yet, many hotels succeed in reining them in and do very well. The hotel owners who succeed know, and have applied, these 9 tricks with extreme precision.

Protect your hotel from covid

The full cycle of making your guest feel safe - 5 tips and recommendations

It is clear that one of the main issues in #hospitality for 2021 will be making your guests feel safe while staying on your property. But how do we do that?

This is even more complex as not all guests are the same. You have #families, solo travelers, business travelers, #backpackers, #couples, etc, each with their own needs and requirements and you need to make them all safe. And #safety is the number one factor impacting a guests decision where to stay (Oliver Wyman-NY times)We have created this guide for you with 5 tips and recommendations to help you make sure your guests feel safe.