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About WhosYourGuest

WhosYourGuest (WYG) is a free online platform where accommodation providers rate their guests and share information about their behavior.  This allows the ho(s)tels to offer a better stay experience to their guests while at the same time helping them save billions of dollars in prevented damages to facilities and reputation. It’s like Tripadvisor but in reverse.  WYG members have access to a database that allows them to search and verify the type of guest when reserving or checking in.

The benefits are huge:

  • Rate your guests when they leave so others will know what type of guests they are and can reward the good or take measures to prevent bad behavior from happening in their establishment
  • Increase the safety and quality of stay of all your other guests
  • Increase profit by saving on damages caused by bad guests
  • Email alerts for new cases happening in your country
  • Deterrence. Knowing they are rated incentivizes guests for better behavior and prevents bad behavior from happening in the first place
  • Free use of our Property management System (Hotel Software – PMS)  that automatically checks the guests’ rating and displays it in their account.
  • For hoteliers by hoteliers. We put you first. Always!
  • Join the biggest community of accommodation providers in the world and have access to our private Facebook group where members help each other and share their knowledge and experience.   
  • It is totally free. 

Joining and being part of the community is totally free. As a basic/free user, you receive 30 searches/month and can rate as many guests as you want. You can also use the basic version of our Property Management System (PMS or Hotel Software) for free.

WhosYourGuest is NOT a blacklist because:
1. It’s a rating platform where all guests, the good and the less good, are all being rated.  
2. Lists do not have a color (and even if they did ours certainly would not have been colored black. Did you ever notice that negative lists are “black” while the safe ones are called whitelists?)

Use the “contact” form on our internet site or here

How does it work

As a requirement you must:

  • Have an accommodation establishment legally registered in your country
  • Be associated with the said establishment as the manager or owner 
  • Fill out the registration form

After a verification process, WhosYourGuest team will respond within 24 hours with a confirmation email. In this email you will receive your login details (user and password) to the platform as well as documents and manuals of interest.

Basically you can report any offense you wish. However, we have most cases covered already with some predefined offenses like leaving without pay, alleged theft, vandalism, excess noise, disrespect staff or other guests, bad or unfair review or a threat to post one, No show, consumption of unauthorized substances, smoking in the room, unauthorized guests, payment chargeback and many more. 

On your dashboard you can choose to receive email notification also to your recovery/personal email. For additional emails to receive alerts you need to be a Pro member. 

Use the search option to enter the guests’ details and check their history

Reports are made from our platform/internet site. Once you log in you can click on the “Review” page. You can also do it from here

No, for security reasons it is necessary that all reports are made from the report form. Reports sent by other means, like email or whatsapp, will not be taken into account.

No. Reports are anonymous for the security and confidentiality of the reporting establishment. The other participating members will see only the information from the report and the city where it happened, but not the name of the reporting establishment.

Based on the case details and severity you can ask for advance payment, a deposit, tell him we know what happened and we are keeping an eye or in extreme cases you can deny stay. You can also contact the reporting establishment using the button available at the end of each report (if no button is available it’s because they wish not to be contacted). They will receive a message with your details and if interested they will get in touch with you. If any of you still need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

To find out how to report and what information you can enclose, please click on the “How to Report” button available on the right side of the report form.

Everyone with access to the platform can write a report or a review. However, only the manager or owner can confirm it and send

Yes, you can report a “Threat of a bad review” or an  “Unfair review. However, in the latter case you need to attach a copy of that review.

The time depends on the type of offense. It can vary from 1 to 4 years.

Use the “contact” form on our internet site or here


Yes it is legal.
However, you will need to follow the guidelines and recommendations we provide our members mainly adding a clause to the check-in form the guest signs allowing you to collect, store and share their information and information about their stay with trusted 3rd parties like WhosYourGuest and its members. 

The database is operated and managed directly by WYG and protected with encryption technologies. It is a closed network that only members have access to.

WhosYourGuest does not have access to the guest’s credit card number

Property Management System

Property Management System, shortly known as PMS, is a software that allows the accommodation provider to manage the distribution of reservations and checked in guests in the rooms, managed the guests accounts and their consumption, view guest balance and checkout guests with a click of a mouse. It also allows to generate reports about income in between specific dates, occupancy rates, % of guests per nationality and much more

  • Free for members
  • Automatically verifies guest behavioral history and displays rating directly in their account
  • Rate guest at checkout with only 2 clicks​
  • Easy intuitive setup. 10 min and ready to go
  • View rooms, reservations and check-in all in one place in an excel type calendar​
  • Multi users, logs and statistics (Pro version)​
  • Integrated with Channel managers, OTA’s, Online check-in…​
  • Cloud based. Access from everywhere​

Our goal is to help your transition to our PMS as smoothly as possible and we will make sure it happens. We will help you immigrate all your data free of charge

Use the “contact” form on our internet site or here