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Commission-free bookings. Direct contact with your guests. Decide all your terms

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all for one and one for all

Members can contact each other and share their experience and knowledge helping one another.

for hoteliers by hoteliers

As hoteliers ourselves we understand and live the same issues as you.

Hoteliers. Always. First

We will always think about you first. There are enough services out there who think only about the guest or themselves.​

be part of the change

Introducing guest ratings as a standard is a profound change and crises are the best time for that. NOW is the time.

How does it work?

The ONLY real direct booking club. For hoteliers by hoteliers

  • Save (up to 27%) on commissions to Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)
  • Direct contact with guests.
  • Decide your cancelation policy, payment terms, etc.
  • Provide personalized services to your guests and increase your income.
  • Receive profile and preferences of guest with the reservation
  • Offer discounts to guests based on their rating. Encourage them to behave better.


  • Rate your guests
  • Guest behavior history
  • Guest profile and preferences
  • Copy of the guest's document
  • Decide your own T&C and policies
  • Direct contact with your guests
  • Pay to appear higher in searches
  • Reject reservations up to 24 hours


3% Handling fees


15%-30% Commission

Ready to make your hotel more profitable?

  • The Go-Travel platform allows you to rate your guest behavior during its stay

    You can also check your guests behavioral history even before they arrive. Prevent problems while you better your other guests experience.

  • Free Property Management System (PMS) to manage your establishment. 

    Automatically verifies guests’ behavioral history and displays ratings in their account. Manage reservations, guest accounts, consumptions and get reports. Learn more …

  • Booking Engine to capture and process reservations directly from your website 

    Capture guests who visit your website and convert them into direct reservations by making it possible to reserve and receive immediate confirmation directly from your website.


When the guest comes first, the guest will last.

No commissions paid to

Online Travel Agencies

No more high commissions to Booking.com, Expedia and the likes. Save 15%-27% on each reservation. 

Guests profile

and preferences

When you receive a reservation you will also receive the guests profile and their preferences. You will know their rating as a guest, what drinks they like, activities they do, special needs & requests……


check in

The guests profile you receive with the reservation includes all the details needed to check them in, including document number and picture, enabling contactless check-in

Direct bookings.


Guests will contact you directly. Payment terms, cancelation policy, Terms & Conditions… will all be agreed directly between you and the guest

100% transparent.

100% flexible

  • We do not limit your contact with the guest. 
  • We do not obligate you to give free cancellations. 
  • You can decide the minimum rating of a guest you are willing to give discount to. 
  • All guidelines a clear and transparent

True personalized


How can we personalize service if nothing is known about the guest?
Receiving the guests profile and preferences with the reservation truly allow you to know your guest. You will know their favorite wine, activities they prefer and can even welcome their dog by name. 
Now that is a personalized service!

Good guests

pay less.

  • Guests discount, 5%-10%,  depends on their rating.
  • Incentivizes guests for good behavior. 
  • You will receive guest discount level together with their reservation. 
  • You can decide not to give discounts to guests under a specific rating or give extra discount for guests over a specific rating

Increase your


Knowing your guests preferences allows you to offer them  extra services based on their preferences.

"The key thing that a hotel must do is create a unique personal experience for each guest"


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* To see prices of the plans you need to be a member. It’s not that we have anything to hide but simply because prices depend of information given in the registration form such as the type of establishment, size etc. One thing we do promise. You will be surprised how cheap it is! (compared to what PMS’s and the like charge)

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